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How Railnova can help with your ECM activities

As of June 2022, a statutory ECM certification applies to all rail vehicles in the European railway sector. This will impact many things. Read on to see how Railnova can help you with ECM compliance!

How Railnova can help with your ECM activities2023-02-21T11:35:02+00:00

What is “async comm”?

Ever since Covid hit, it seems the word keeps coming up. For Railnova, it's a key differentiator. Async comm has helped define what we like to call "the Railnova way".

What is “async comm”?2023-04-12T15:38:03+00:00

When Data Saves The Day

Read on to find out how one of our customers saved the day of millions with data thanks in part to Railgenius.

When Data Saves The Day2023-04-04T09:18:48+00:00

Maxime, from Student to Master

We sat down to talk to Maxime, who went from student to master. More precisely, he went from student intern to Railster team lead. It has been a journey!

Maxime, from Student to Master2022-12-28T14:36:22+00:00

What is the pay gap at Railnova?

Seeing posts go by on LinkedIn got me thinking about Railnova's stance on equal pay. Read more to learn about Railnova's policies in place.

What is the pay gap at Railnova?2022-12-28T14:35:35+00:00
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