Digitalise fleet and maintenance management

Manage operations & maintenance planning on one unified online platform

Get a real-time overview of fleet availability

Move away from incomplete Excel files and be updated on asset statuses in real-time. Know which assets are available at the blink of an eye. View where assets are and what they are doing at all times.

Help people act on alerts and fault codes

Avoid endless email threads or Excel files to plan for maintenance. Save time and enable people to act by informing all your stakeholders about alerts in real time on one shared platform.

Streamline maintenance communication

Turn alerts about abnormal behaviour on rolling stock into maintenance interventions. Allow teams on the ground to act faster and to better prepare by sharing the interventions with them.

Follow up on planned and unplanned maintenance

Keep track of all planned maintenance events and defect reports, edit and follow up on interventions in progress, or review past interventions, all on the same platform.

Get rid of endless email threads and incomplete Excel files to manage your operations and maintenance. Digitalise all fleet actions with Railfleet.

Digital fleet and maintenance management on Railfleet

Locate your assets and see where your fleet is running and where it’s idling. Monitor your fleet status and availability in real time and communicate about changes in your fleet’s condition with team members and stakeholders.

Railfleet also enables you to digitalise your preventive and corrective maintenance planning: enable your drivers to report defects online and set up your preventive maintenance planning based on the actual usage of your rolling stock. Integrate Railfleet with existing systems to cover your entire workflow.

Discover Railfleet
Railfleet real-time fleet and operations management

Streamline maintenance communication

Connect Railfleet to your maintenance management systems

Allow your stakeholders to easily manage ressources and maintenance schedules by connecting your ERP and maintenance management systems to Railfleet via our API.

Share your Railfleet maintenance planning with your ECM

Share asset data and relevant notifications with your stakeholders so they can access it at all times. Avoid time-consuming processes or information getting lost due to chaotic multi-channel communication.

  • A secure platform

We take security seriously. You access our cloud service trough SSL/TLS encryption. Each of our clients has a separate database which is regularly and safely backed-up. M2M telematics data transmitted by the Railster is encrypted. You set the permissions for every Railfleet user. Only trained super-users and administrators can delete data and change permission rights.

  • Webservice integration

Railfleet can be interfaced via standard web services to your in-house database, ERP, asset management software or data warehouse. Let fleet data flow automatically into your IBM Maximo, Mysql Server, .Net, Oracle or SAP system. You will benefit from a seamless integration within your in-house IT architecture.

  • 20+ Railfleet modules

Benefit from a large selection of railway specific modules edited by Railnova. As your needs evolve over time, we activate new modules in a smooth and integrated fashion. Get the best in rail geolocation, predictive alerts, availability management, preventive maintenance planner, component counters, component tracking, and much more.

  • Rapid application development

Need a special application integrated in Railfleet? Thanks to the modularity of our Railfleet Platform, it takes up to 10x less code to write custom applications. By using high level, modern languages such as Python, we can write the application and let you test it in a few days rather than writing lengthy specifications. Describe the functions you need and let us do the rest.

  • Business intelligence ready

Connect via standard ODBC drivers to your data in a secure, read-only access. Seamlessly integrate Railfleet data in your existing business intelligence tools such as Qlikview, Crystal Reports, Business Objects, Jasper Report or Micro-strategy …

  • Multi-company data sharing

Safely share asset and fleet data with your stakeholders: let clients know when their goods arrive in a certain zone, or help maintainers prepare for maintenance interventions with real-time data or live alerts. Keep full control over your data at all times: define who has access to which data for how long and which actions they can take.