New on Railfleet: put your data scientists in the driver’s seat

Story by Kaat Van de Vijver, Digital Marketing Manager at Railnova
Oct 29, 2018

Not literally of course, but close! Railfleet now offers operators the possibility to view the same messages and data their drivers get to see (and more!) in real time on the Operational Dashboard. Thanks to this they’re able to better understand the driver’s experience, follow up on the condition of their rolling stock during service, and provide accurate diagnosis and actions from the control room.

The Railfleet operational dashboard already offered operators, who perform real-time monitoring with the Railster, an overview of key telematic values from their assets. However, up until now this live data was rather limited and the same for all assets within a certain asset class.

Thanks to the new live data configuration, this data can now be configured per asset or asset type in the Railfleet admin, so operators can visualise all the data that’s important to them and to their teams on the Operational Dashboard.

Provide support

The live data configuration enables operators to display the values that are relevant for a reliable operation of a specific asset.

By displaying those values directly on the Operational Dashboard onshore teams are able to view information their drivers see on their displays, and additional information straight from the asset’s subcomponents that their drivers might not have direct access to.

The operational dashboard allows operators to provide context to e.g. fault codes and to give their drivers and teams on the ground the support they need during service. On top of that it also helps them to keep an eye out for irregularities or anomalies and to take action before any real issues arise.

Build return on experience

Railfleet is a platform that enables operators to efficiently build return on experience, thanks to its capability to evolve and quickly take into account feedback. This also makes it the perfect tool to get ready for predictive maintenance, as operators are able to adapt the Operational Dashboard and the other Railfleet features to whatever their data scientists or technical specialists discover in just a few clicks.

Some operators already use Railfleet in combination with Railnova’s rule engine to capture new data from their assets, and then change the data configuration of the Operational Dashboard in just a couple of clicks to visualise the new data to all stakeholders. Easy as cake!

There’s no need to request expensive updates or to invest in a time-consuming project in order to gather and show new live data on the platform. Data scientists and other specialists can put their new knowledge and insights to work on Railfleet right away.

Learn more about the rule engine in this blog post: How edge computing revolutionises railway operations

Adapt the Operational Dashboard to your needs

Clients can manage the live data configuration in the Railfleet admin and set up each field they want to see on the Operational Dashboard themselves.

All they need to do is select the type of messages they wish to display (fault code data, telematics data, rule engine data etc.) and the path to the data they want to show on the dashboard. A color code is used to indicate if there is anything to worry about, e.g. if the values go below or above a specific threshold. Once the fields have been created and assigned to one or more assets they will automatically show up on the Operational Dashboard.

To learn more about how to set up the data configuration on Railfleet, take a look at the following step-by-step guide: Configure the live data on the Operational Dashboard

If you’d have any questions about this new feature, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at support (at), we’re happy to help!

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