Planning preventive, usage-based and corrective maintenance on Railfleet

Story by Karin van der Have, Customer Engagement Specialist at Railnova
Jan 30, 2018

How do you ensure that nothing slips through the cracks when it comes to managing your fleet? How do you make sure that everybody knows which assets are available and which ones are not, that work orders are created directly from reported issues, or that your preventive maintenance is being planned at the right time by keeping in mind the actual use of your assets, and finally, how do you digitise this entire process?

Railnova enables railway organisations to stay on top of their entire maintenance workflow on one centralised platform: lessors are able to manage the availability and status of their entire fleet, operators can set up preventive maintenance plans and create corrective events, and maintainers can see which interventions they have in the pipeline.

Let’s take a closer look at the tools available on Railfleet to manage all this:

1. Manage operations

The Operational Dashboard has been developed to offer lessors and operators a complete digital overview of their entire fleet, a central place to store all information about all their assets.

On the operational dashboard, they can track their fleet availability, restrictions and update asset statuses on a real-time dashboard. Operators are also able to report issues with assets on the spot, so problems can be addressed before they’re able to affect your day-to-day operations.

All changes they make, all alerts that are detected and all events that are created for an asset will show up on everyone’s dashboard in real time, making sure that all parties have access to up-to-date information at all times.

2. Manage maintenance planning

Next to getting a real-time overview of asset availability, it’s also interesting to get a full overview of all open corrective and preventive events for your entire fleet (instead of looking at each asset separately), so you can keep a close eye on all of them and schedule maintenance interventions for your assets more easily.

That’s why we developed the Maintenance Planning Dashboard. This is a separate dashboard with a complete overview of all (corrective and preventive) events from your entire fleet.

On this dashboard you can filter the events by asset name or asset class, by operation, by label, by maintenance type or by event state (planned, unplanned or closed). This gives you the ability to analyse the events for your fleet and to look for root causes of corrective events.

Besides tracking events on the dashboard, you can also combine them and turn them into a maintenance intervention which will then be dispatched to your maintainer. Once you select an event in the list, the overview will automatically show you all other open events for the asset in question. This way you can easily go through them and add other relevant events to the intervention you’re planning.

3. Manage maintenance interventions

Once you’ve planned a maintenance intervention based on the open corrective and or preventive events, the intervention will show up on the Operational Dashboard, and on the Intervention Dashboard. The latter contains a full overview of all the interventions for your entire fleet.

Compared to the Operational dashboard the intervention dashboard allows you to easily sift through all the interventions for your fleet that are planned or in progress, and not only the ones for a specific asset. This gives you, as an operator, a faster overview of the current and upcoming availability of your assets, or, as a maintainer, a better idea of what maintenance interventions you have in the pipeline.

These three tools on Railfleet allow you to manage your maintenance workflow from end to end: following up on day-to-day operations and availability becomes a breeze with the Operational Dashboard, and having information spread across spreadsheets, endless email threads and more are a thing of the past with the Maintenance Planning Dashboard. Intervention planning and dispatching happen faster and more efficiently on the Intervention Dashboard.

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