Privacy statement

Last update: May 2018

Thank you for using Railnova, or visiting our website. We respect the privacy rights of our users and visitors, and recognise the importance of protecting the information we collect about you. This privacy policy explains what information we collect when you visit our website or use our services (such as the Railfleet platform) and how we store and use that information. We take your privacy extremely seriously, and never share or sell email addresses or any other information.

This privacy statement covers the following family of websites:


A. What type of information do we collect

Some of the information we collect is actively given by you, such as when you subscribe to the Railnova services, or when you contact our support team. Other, general, non-personally identifiable information is gathered automatically when you visit the website or use the Railnova services. Below you can find a more detailed overview of the information we gather and store:

A.1. Personal information

Personal information is the account information you provide to us when you subscribe to the Railnova service, or the information you share with us when you download marketing and sales content on the website, contact our support team or communicate with us in any way. This information may include your name, company, email address or phone number.

We never share your personal information, but we may use it for communication purposes such as

  • Sending system and administrative emails related to your Railnova account.
  • Replying to support communication, or acting proactively on support issues or questions with onboarding campaigns
  • Sending marketing emails, such as newsletters, company updates, client stories etc., if you are a subscriber on our marketing email list

More info about how we use your personal information for communication purposes in section B.1.

Railnova accounts require an email address and password to log in. You must keep your password secure, and never disclose it to a third party. Account passwords are encrypted, which means we cannot see your passwords or resend forgotten passwords. We’re only able to reset them.

A.2. Usage information

From users of Railnova’s software platform “Railfleet” we collect usage information about interactions with the platform: we automatically collect this information when you log in to our services and interact with the Railnova features. We store information about your IP address, device information, browser type and location, based on the information that’s automatically provided by your device. We also track when you access Railfleet, which pages you view, which features you use and which actions you take on the platform.

From users and visitors who visit our website and services we also collect anonymous, non-identifiable information such as which pages people visit and how often, and how people interact with our website in general.

A.3. Cookies

We use cookies to collect information about your visit and your use of our website and services. We use these browser cookies to recognise you when you return to our website or software platform. We use them to for example, log you in automatically, to remember your language or time zone preferences and to personalise content and advertisements. You may turn off cookies by following the instructions in your browser, but if you block cookies, some aspects of our website or services might not fully work. For more info about our cookie policy, please go to the Railnova Cookie Policy.

A.4. Web beacons

When we send emails to the users or leads subscribed to our email list, we may track behavior such as who opened the emails and who clicked the links inside the emails.

B. How do we use the collected information?

B.1. Send email communication

We may use the personal and usage information you provided us with to send you several types of email communication:

  • System emails: this type of emails may contain information about your account, about service changes, planned outages or new policies. You can’t opt out from this type of communication unless you delete your Railnova account.
  • Railfleet notification emails: this type of email provides you with more information about the status of your fleet, abnormal behavior on your assets and other relevant asset notifications. You can opt out from the notification emails in the Railfleet admin (or have your Railfleet administrator remove you from the contact list of specific alerts).
  • Onboarding emails: based on your activity we can customize our onboarding email campaigns and make sure you only get information that’s relevant to you and the actions you’ve already taken on the Railnova platform. You can opt out from these emails at the bottom of each onboarding email.
  • Marketing communication: these emails are sent to our subscribers and may contain Railnova news, information about new features and product updates, blog articles, client stories, events and conferences etc. You can modify your email preferences at any time at the bottom of each marketing email we send.

When you interact with emails sent from Railnova (such as opening the email or clicking on a link in an email) we may receive information about that interaction, and use it to measure the performance of our email campaigns and to optimise our communication.

B.2. Provide support

The data we collect on your device, browser type and your interactions with the Railnova services and its features help us to provide better and faster support when you need it. It also helps us to proactively solve and inform you about issues you might encounter.

B.3. Optimise our services and website

The anonymous information we generate about how people use Railnova services and the Railnova website helps us to make our product work as well as possible and to make our communication as relevant as possible to you. The data enables us to correct errors more quickly and to test, improve and personalise Railnova services and communications.

C. Data storage

Railnova uses third-party partners such as OVH to run the Railnova software platform, and tools such as Pipedrive, Google Analytics and Intercom to track website and Railfleet activity and for data storage and targeted communication.

We take appropriate measures to protect personal information from loss, unauthorized access and misuse, taking into account the risks involved in the processing and the nature of the personal Information.

D. Modifying or deleting your information and preferences

You can ask to correct or remove the personally identifiable information we collect about you by contacting us here. To block cookies, have a look at our cookie policy.

If you wish to opt out from marketing communications you can unsubscribe by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link provided at the bottom of each email. The same procedure can be followed for onboarding emails.

System emails are connected to your Railfleet account and you can’t opt out from these emails unless you delete your Railfleet account in the Railfleet admin.

To opt out from notification emails (“alerts”) you can either ask your Railfleet admin to remove you from the notification contact list or, if you’re a Railfleet admin, you can remove yourself from a contact list. Take a look at the following article for more info on contact lists on Railfleet.

E. Changes to this policy

Railnova may update this policy periodically to reflect current regulations. We’ll notify you about significant changes and the most current version of the policy will always be visible on this page.

If you have questions or comments, or if you have a concern about the way in which we may have handled a privacy matter, please contact us here.