Consulting and technology partners

Expert guidance for every step of your digitalisation journey

Expert Guidance and Consulting

At Railnova, we build digital products to accompany our railway clients in their digital transformation journey, every step of the way. From data acquisition to data transformation and, finally, end-user workflows.

Railnova’s digitization experts provide guidance and tailored support for your specific business cases.

We are transformation enablers with extensive Railway experience, technical know-how, big data analytics skills, and process change expertise.
Railnova’s independent partners provide expert quidance

What do we offer?

  • Size the digitalization value pool for the organisation by auditing current processes

  • Provide digital transformation or connectivity process guidance

  • Assess organisational and technical feasibility and identify bottlenecks

  • Help with Railnova product implementation and integration

  • Assist organisations in identifying and prioritising business cases