Railfleet: Maintenance

Monitor live asset condition

Effortlessly monitor critical parameters such as engine hours, fuel level, fuel consumption, oil pressure, coolant temperature, battery voltage, kilometres, speed, idle time, pantograph position and be automatically informed when an anomaly occurs, even if the train is parked. Reduce idling time by identifying long idle periods and location. Analyse the detailed data on the timeseries view or export it into excel to dig deeper. Use condition monitoring to reduce in-line failures and to optimise your preventive maintenance plan.

Monitor live asset condition Railfleet

Plan maintenance on real usage Railfleet from Railnova

Plan maintenance on real usage

Plan maintenance based on engine hours, kilometres, or any other counter data transmitted by the Railster UG telematics. Relief field staff from providing constant feedback on usage. Move away from excel or calendar based maintenance planning to component counter based maintenance planning. Save costs and downtime by entering the workshop only when necessary with Railfleet’s cutting edge maintenance scheduler. Use Railfleet to plan maintenance of your entire fleet of passenger trains, locomotives, and wagons.

Speed-up corrective & warranty

Record failures, inform dispatch and plan repairs in a few clicks. Save precious time by automating the tracking of corrective failures, warranty claims, repair times, and asset downtime generated. Based on fault codes transmitted by the Railster UG telematics, you can anticipate the required spare parts in the workshop or send the mobile team prepared. Analyse failure occurrences per component type, per manufacturer and monitor downtime and cost reduction programs with real field data.

track corrective failures, warranty claims, repair times, and asset downtime using railfleet

Manage campaigns efficiently using Railfleet from Railnova

Manage campaigns efficiently

Centrally set-up safety campaigns or modification campaigns for the full fleet, for given components types or for identified serial numbers. Seamlessly bundle preventive, corrective and campaign tasks in one work order to minimise asset downtime. Check the progress of all your campaigns at fleet level or at asset level.

Integrate with your ERP and MMS

Railfleet software comes with a Maintenance REST API that enables easy integration with your ERP and MMS to create and manage work orders and plan the need for spares parts ahead.

Integrate parts supply & MRP in Railfleet from Railnova