Railfleet: Operations

Follow your fleet in real time

    Railfleet brings railway geolocation to a new level. Search any asset directly on the map, or filter the map by asset class or train status. See where the fleet is running, and where it is idling. See where a train has an issue as it becomes red on the map. Let your operations team focus on taking action rather than gathering information. Personalize points of interest such as traffic ends, workshops or fuel stations to reroute trains efficiently in case of an incident. Customise geofencing alerts to be informed automatically.

Follow your fleet in real time with Railfleet Railnova

Monitor availability & reliability using Railfleet from Railnova

Monitor availability & reliability

    Capture crucial availability and reliability information in a few clicks. Inform the operations and maintenance teams immediately. Manage disruption efficiently. Identify cost, penalties and downtime generated by failures. Managers finally have a reliable source of information to improve fleet performance and decide on which improvements to perform.

Be proactive on alerts

    Be alerted automatically when the battery voltage drops low on a parked train and avoid train cancellation costs. Plan refuelling events without surprises by knowing when fuel level goes low. Act swiftly on high coolant temperature alerts to avoid catastrophic in-line failure. Automate alerts to be immediately informed when the train enters and leaves the workshop.

Act proactively on alerts with Railfleet from Railnova