Railnova launches Partner network to digitalise Railway organisations globally

Post by Christian Sprauer, Founder and CEO at Railnova
January 21, 2020

Railnova launches Partner network to digitalise Railway organisations globally

We’re excited to launch the Railnova partner network!

With the Railnova partner network, Railnova puts itself at the service of technology consulting firms, railway experts and IT departments to accelerate asset digitalisation at railway organisations.

Railnova Partners smoothly integrate Railnova’s proven technologies as building blocks into railway organisations’ existing processes and systems. Railnova Partners focus on delivering value to Railway organisations, performing change management and building new, replicable business-cases.

Since 2010 Railnova has worked directly with over 50 railway organisations to connect 1500 trains. Railnova now supports real-time data acquisition from passenger and freight fleets built by Siemens, Alstom, Bombardier, Stadler, Vossloh and EMD, and delivers daily data insights to 2300 users. Through the collaboration with our clients and Partners we have perfected our hardware and software products into an industry-leading solution. Railnova now offers a mature and modular digital product suite centered around 3 needs:

  • Remote data acquisition on trains, independently from OEM – Railster ™
  • Data-to-value transformation – Railgenius ™
  • Fleet maintenance management workflows – Railfleet ™

Customisable building blocks to accelerate digital projects

Rather than building complex solutions from scratch, Partners can use Railster, Railgenius or Railfleet as 3 independent yet interoperable building blocks. Partners implement just one or a combination of Railnova products and integrate them with their client’s legacy systems or in-house developments for:

1. Remote data acquisition on trains

The Railster is a multi-asset, patented edge computing device for safe railway connectivity. Using the Railster development kit, Partners can experiment safely and iterate fast to acquire data from any train and push clean, interpretable data into their clients’ data lakes and cloud platforms.

2. Real-time data processing

Railgenius is a user-friendly, data aggregation and analytics platform for complex railway data such as fault code events, ERTMS data, UIC559, time-series data and JRU files. Partners easily create batch or real time streaming transformation rules to achieve the desired use case.

3.  Fleet maintenance management and ECM compliance

Railfleet is a collaborative software platform for digital fleet maintenance and ECM workflows across organisations. Partners help Railway organisations to automate their processes by implementing Railfleet within their existing workflows and by connecting the platform to ERP and Maintenance management systems.

Do you have a client who needs help with fleet digitalisation? Get in touch!

To further cope with market needs, Railnova Partners are able to deploy on premise, in private cloud or on the Railnova cloud: some railway organisations require on premise deployment for increased security, privacy and intellectual property control, while other organisations prefer the hassle-free, full-service approach of the Railnova software as a service (SAAS) solution.

Who are the Railnova Partners?

  • Large Railway IT departments, who want to provide strategic security, privacy and intellectual property protection while offering the business the power, speed and long-lasting transformation of Railnova for asset digitalisation.
  • Internal TCMS experts, who want to enable their company to access data from train buses such as CAN, MVB, Profibus, FIP, J1708, J1939, as well as from sensors, subsystems and analog components in a profitable, fast and open manner, without depending on long internal R&D projects.
  • Independent Consultants, who provide engineering and advisory services to small and mid-size railway, tram and metro entities. Small and mid-size railways often lack the engineering and system integration capacity to digitalise their fleet, the Railnova partner network solves this.
  • Technology service consulting firms (small or large), who assist clients in choosing and implementing complex technology. By using the experience of Railnova, such firms can derisk client projects and focus on delivering value, rather than reinventing the wheel.
  • OEMs, Train manufacturers service divisions and Maintainers, who need an open and white-label replacement for hard-to-maintain TCMS telematics systems, for their own internal use as well as for their end customers.

Want to become a Railnova partner? Get in touch.

Partners focus on customer value by leveraging Railnova technologies

Railnova Partners accompany their railway clients, step by step, in their digitalisation and predictive maintenance journey: starting from business, data and process analysis, they help organisations to define their digital strategy, to implement use cases, and to roll out new digital processes based on real-time information.

Once the needs and use cases are clearly identified, Railnova Partners help clients to integrate the right Railnova products into their existing workflows, to configure them, to train the staff and to build the necessary customisations and integrations. Partners are also crucial to assist railway organisations in change management.

Over time, as railway organisations become ready to adopt further digitalisation, Partners can leverage the end-to-end spectrum of Railnova’s digital products, from data acquisition (Railster device or third party devices), to real-time data processing (Railgenius), and end-user fleet maintenance workflows (Railfleet).

Einfach Einsteigen! Simply get on board! Montez juste à bord! Kom erbij! Basta salire a bordo! Simplemente suba a bordo ! Просто поднимитесь на борт ! 快进去! فقط ادخل!

As the market for connected services expands worldwide, the close relationship and trust Partners nurture with their clients is the key to Railway digitalisation success.

The Railnova team cares to bring profound, long lasting digital change to railway organisations with our user-focused railway digital products and now every Railway organisation in the world can implement innovative, proven Railnova technology with their trusted Partner.

Want to become a partner and help your clients to tackle a specific business case? Schedule a call below, and we’ll get you the information you need!

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