Railnova product update:
digital driver logbook, easy input of manual counter readings, handy presets, …

Post by Florian Louvet, Professional Services Software at Railnova
June 2nd, 2020

We are glad to announce the release of some long awaited features and improvements to our software platform.

Skip right to the features or improvements that are interesting to you by clicking on the links below, or scroll down to discover them all.

New features:


New features

1. Digital logbook

Our digital driver logbook is all about providing drivers access to relevant information and key actions from their smartphone or tablet.

With the digital logbook employees have a complete overview of an asset’s state at their fingertips whenever they need it:

  • The location of an asset (and a few key telematic parameters such as fuel level! )
  • The operational status of an asset (preventing taking a locomotive that is immobilised or has specific limitations)
  • Current restrictions for an asset
  • Open reported defects

On top of that they can take the following actions:

  • Create a new defect report
  • Enter manual counter readings (see below our new form to report counter values)

Part of this feature was already deployed at some of our clients in beta. We’ve improved the feature based on their feedback, made some visual upgrades, and have now released it to all of our clients. Have a look for yourself!

Some of our clients use the digital logbook in combination with a QR code that is placed inside the driver’s cabin, to provide their drivers even faster access to the logbook of the asset in question.

Wartungsmanagement Prozess Digitalisierung mit online Störmeldungen

Interested in doing the same? Be sure to contact our support team and we will happily assist you in this initiative!

2. Manual counter readings form

Counters are at the heart of preventive maintenance scheduling. Through our Railster you could already retrieve live counter values from your locomotive. Although this is probably the best case scenario, sometimes clients still need to retrieve these values manually on their assets.

That’s why we are releasing a new form that allows you to easily report counter values from your desktop, or directly in the field from your smartphone or tablet. The form has been optimized down to the smallest screen:

Just like the digital driver logbook, the manual counter reading form can be used in combination with a QR code that is placed inside the locomotive. If you are interested in printing such QR codes, feel free to contact our support team, we’re happy to assist you. We can even pre-configure them to list the required readings to enter!

3. Telematic data presets

As more and more data is collected from locomotives nowadays, it can get challenging to find the relevant parts, to access those quickly and to share them with your colleagues.

To give you and your colleagues easy access to the most relevant and/or interesting data we’ve added the possibility to add “presets” (a named selection of a subset of relevant columns in a message type) in the admin.

Once created, the preset is accessible through the column selection on the right side of the table on the telematic data page. Clicking on the preset name in the dropdown will select the corresponding columns:

4. Azure Active Directory Single Sign-On

Microsoft Azure Active Directory is at the center of many organizations today to manage user accounts and permissions. We have created a single sign-on integration of Azure Active Directory allowing you to manage your users in a centralized way.

Want to get started with the Azure Active Directory Single Sign-On? Contact our support team for more information!


1. Visual upgrade maintenance events list

We took some time to make a couple of small visual and content upgrades to the list of (corrective and preventive) events appearing in Railfleet. In short:

  • We added the remaining usages for counter-based preventive events
  • We upgraded the visual look of the attachment shortcut. This allows us to reduce the height taken by each event and results in more events on your display, to help you get a more complete overview
  • We’ve added a color code to the status of events to help you discern quicker what is important at the moment

2. Quick addition of new defects

Creating new defects in the workshop and adding them to an ongoing intervention on Railfleet hasn’t been the smoothest workflow until now. Taking your feedback into account, we’ve now added the possibility to create a new defect report directly from an ongoing intervention.

We also jumped at the opportunity to reorganize some of the existing actions (cancel, edit, start and end intervention) and make the overall form more intuitive/user friendly:

What is coming next?

Here are a few things we are currently working on for the near future. If you are interested in any of these features, feel free to contact our team so we can keep you informed and maybe give you early access to test these new features!


  • A visual, functional and performance upgrade of the “Fleet availability” module
  • A new module to report Hotline calls


  • A renewed Data Inspector focused on usability and easy access to the most relevant data.
  • A Live monitoring view customized to companies, as companies may share asset data but have different interests.


  • Railster health status and QOS dashboard.

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