Real-time remote monitoring on Alstom Prima locomotives

Whether you own or operate a diesel or electric Prima locomotive, real-time remote monitoring is key to keep your fleet in perfect shape!

Railnova provides an out-of-the-box connectivity and monitoring solution for all Prima subclasses: prevent failures, digitalise and automate maintenance planning or provide real-time actionable information to colleagues and stakeholders for a faster response time when issues should arise.

Railnova products for real-time remote monitoring

Railster installed on a train transmitting data in real time to the cloud


Connect to any data source on the Prima, send fault codes and signals to the cloud in real time, update the types of parameters to monitor remotely at any time.

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Railgenius predictive diagnostics and real-time data monitoring


Monitor your fleet’s condition in real time, analyse data, perform and confirm diagnostics and set up automated and actionable alerts.

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Railfleet real-time fleet and operations management


Manage your fleet and plan corrective and preventive maintenance based on the data coming from your trains and employees or partners.

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Out-of-the-box Prima component interfaces

Railnova’s remote monitoring device Railster enables you to connect to and to monitor the following components on the Prima out of the box:


Monitor battery voltage, capacity, current, and status of the main and the supporting battery both when your Prima locomotives are running and turned off.


Monitor relevant SIBAS fault codes in real time and alert employees automatically when they need to take action on the fault codes.


Monitor relevant MPU fault codes in real time and alert employees automatically when they need to take action on the fault codes.


Track the location of your locomotives, the distance they traveled, their speed and their GPS history. Use real-time GPS data for geofencing alerts.


Track and be alerted about (low) fuel levels and refuels, follow up on fuel consumption per route to achieve fuel savings.


Monitor engine parameters in real-time to spot anomalies in time, and use engine data to perform maintenance at the right time.

Want to connect to another data source on your Prima locomotives or get more technical information on how we get you the data you need? Let us know, we’d love to help!

Out-of-the-box use cases for Prima locomotives

Battery monitoring

A low battery voltage, or battery failure can cause delays, cancellations and even damages to a locomotive battery. Real-time battery monitoring and battery alerts enable you to detect anomalies and avoid battery failures on your Prima fleet.

Fault code monitoring

Retrieve fault codes from SIBAS and MPU or other systems, make it easy to cut through irrelevant fault codes or noise by setting up your own (notification) rules and enable people to act on critical fault codes.

Operational monitoring

Follow up on the status of all your assets, on fleet availability and potential restrictions. Know which locomotive is used for which traffic, what the composition of the train is or any other relevant operational data from your entire fleet.

Fuel monitoring

Monitor fuel levels and fuel consumption in real time. Be alerted about low fuel levels and refuels, and follow up on fuel consumption per route and load for e.g. fuel saving initiatives.


Keep track of the location and speed of your assets, view GPS history, track traveled kms for maintenance or billing purposes and set up geofence alerts to alert you of location changes or to send alerts to the right people based on the location of your assets.

Digital maintenance planning & communication

Schedule events online and keep a full overview of the planning and progress of all corrective and preventive maintenance interventions for your entire fleet in one place. Share your planning and intervention details with clients, maintainers or other stakeholders.

Usage-based maintenance

Capture readily available real-time counter data, enter counters manually or compute your own to automate your preventive maintenance scheduling based on the actual usage of your Prima assets.

Corrective maintenance workflow

Have your drivers or hotline personnel report corrective events straight from their phones, tablets or computers. Use QR-codes in your locomotives for fast and user-friendly defect reporting.

Data access

Already have systems in place to analyse Prima data and to make it actionable? No problem, you can use the Railster to connect to the relevant data sources and to stream the data to your own systems in real time.

Data exploration

Not sure yet what kind of data you can access from your Prima assets or not sure what you can actually do with that data? Connect the Railster or Railster Development Kit to any data source and explore the available data to identify new use cases.

Your use case

You have another use case in mind for your Prima locomotives? We’d love to help! Get in touch to discuss a potential solution.

Does the Railnova solution work for your assets?

Not sure whether Railnova’s real-time remote monitoring solution will work for your assets? No matter how you call your Prima, or which variant you use


✓China Railways HXD2

✓Sri Lanka Railways M9


we’re happy to provide you with more information, to give you a live demo, or to do a test project, to show you how we provide you with the data you need from your Prima.

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