SBB Cargo integrates Railnova predictive maintenance into their workflows

February 23 2023

Reliability is non-negotiable for a company like SBB Cargo. SBB Cargo provides one-seventh of Switzerland’s freight services and transports 185,000 tonnes a day for its customers. SBB Cargo has been using Railnova’s remote monitoring solutions for over five years to gather telematic data from their trains and prevent failures.  

As trains need to run reliably, locomotives must be readily available. Integrating predictive maintenance into its usual workflow allows the maintenance teams to prepare better and be more efficient. By detecting the possibility of a breakdown early on, cancelled or delayed trains due to small component failure can be a thing of the past.

To get a better understanding of how the rule engine works, you can read the following example:

For more information about Railnova’s remote monitoring solutions, you can visit: 

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