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The most complete modular platform for digitalisation and predictive maintenance in Rail

Railster edge computing IoT device


The Railster is Railnova’s remote monitoring and edge device. It enables you to safely connect any type of rolling stock or component and stream data to your IT cloud in real time. The platform is easily updated to suit your needs at any time. The updatable software on the Railster allows you to perform edge computing and to compute your own rules.

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Railgenius remote monitoring and predictive diagnostics software


Railgenius is Railnova’s monitoring and predictive diagnostics platform. It enables you to perform real-time monitoring and predictive diagnostics in order to offer live support to your helpdesk and drivers in complex diagnostics situations. Railgenius enables operators to crystallise their engineering experience into new business rules and meaningful alerts.

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Railfleet digital fleet maintenance management software


Railfleet is Railnova’s digital fleet and maintenance management platform. It enables you to view all your trains in one place and to communicate about fleet condition, availability and maintenance planning with your stakeholders. Railfleet also enables preventive and corrective maintenance scheduling based on diagnostics, telematic counters, time limits and tolerance.

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Railnova independent consulting partners

Consulting and technology partners

Haven’t identified a business case yet? Or not sure about how to tackle your business case? Railnova partners accompany you in building and tackling your business case every step of the way. Our partners are independent consultants and technology experts with extensive rolling stock and/or data crunching expertise, who also help you with organisational change and the integration of Railnova products.

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Railnova use cases

Railnova’s hardware and software eco-system enables railway operators to tackle the following digitalisation use cases:

✓ Battery monitoring

✓ Door monitoring

✓ Fault code monitoring

✓ HVAC monitoring

✓ Energy consumption monitoring

✓ ERTMS monitoring

✓ Automatic failure detection

✓ Helpdesk & driver support

✓ Predictive alerts

✓ Condition-based maintenance

✓ ECM responsibilities

✓ Digital fleet management

Our happy clients

Our happy clients

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