Perform real-time diagnostics

Remotely monitor asset behaviour and become more proactive

Perform diagnostics easily and safely

Avoid difficult-to-use diagnostics PCs and dependency on experts to access diagnostics from your rolling stock. Perform diagnostics on a unified IoT platform in the cloud, anywhere and anytime.

Be proactive and prevent failures

Monitor important components and be alerted about abnormal behaviour on your rolling stock. Confirm the alerts online and plan actions to prevent a possible inline failure.

Provide actionable insights and support

Assist drivers and maintenance teams with real-time information from your rolling stock. Help them to take the right actions or to better prepare for maintenance.

Build valuable internal knowledge

Build and share knowledge about your fleet with your teams and partners, and ensure that making the right decisions and acting faster becomes easier in the future.

Perform diagnostics in the cloud yourself, instead of having assets enter the workshop for diagnostics or relying on a full service diagnostics contract with OEMs.

Perform and confirm real-time diagnostics

Improve your fleet availability by monitoring abnormal behaviour on your rolling stock automatically instead of manually. Set up notification rules for the fault codes and parameters you wish to monitor and be alerted whenever abnormalities are detected. Advanced analytics and machine learning on our side insure reliable alerts.

Study how your railway assets are being used and identify the assets with the most intense usage patterns. Run regular statistics on railway asset fault code occurrences and identify weak assets.

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Railgenius predictive diagnostics and real-time data monitoring

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Increase the ROI of your data

Download asset data for further analysis

Download filtered or unfiltered data from the telematics raw data overview as a JSON or CSV file for further analysis. Export up to 5000 records with the regular data download.

Connect Railfleet to your existing data analytics systems

Access large data sets on your own big data analytics systems by connecting them to Railfleet via our RabbitMQ queue. The data is available in your systems directly after they are generated.