A comprehensive guide for Railway organisations to evaluate predictive maintenance platforms based on 9 important characteristics.

How to choose and implement a predictive maintenance platform

How to choose and implement a predictive maintenance platform – whitepaper2018-04-09T14:05:03+00:00

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Predictive maintenance provides railway operators with a way to schedule maintenance more conveniently, to prevent unexpected equipment failures, and to turn unplanned into planned stops (making workshop entries shorter and more efficient). But how do you select the predictive maintenance platform that best suits your business?

This guide will help you to evaluate available predictive maintenance platforms in the market based on 9 important characteristics and to

  • Understand the impact of poor asset monitoring and late problem detection
  • Decide whether it’s time for your to switch to predictive maintenance
  • Find out what characteristics to look for in a predictive maintenance platform
  • Learn how to implement a predictive maintenance platform in your organisation
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