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Technical Specifications

Railster Tech Specs Application
Power Supply 15 – 110 VDC
110 – 220 VAC
Both the VDC and VAC inputs are fuse and inversion protected.
Universal power supply can fit any train without additionnal converters.
Architecture ARM9 – Linux OS Low-power, reliable embedded hardware based on Kerlink’s technology
Internal battery Rechargeable, up to one year autonomy. Continuous performance with intermittent train power. Measurements of position, fuel level, main battery volatge while asset is parked & power-off
Power consumption 5W – 25W The power input can be limited 5W by way of software parameterisation in case limited power is available on the train auxiliary power supply.
Communication GPRS, Wifi, Ethernet, USB GPRS with tunneling capability (maintains active session and enables lower sim card costs). Robust M2M messaging from our partner Kerlink.
Wifi for download of large files while in the workshop area.
Ethernet enables to connect to component such as Faiveley’s Atess, Alstom’s traintracer, etc.
GPS SiRFstarIII, 20 channels Low power,  Position accuracy < 2.5 m, Hot fix < 1 sec. cold fix < 35 sec., warm < 15 sec. Can be placed inside driver’s cabing behind windshields.
Local storage 16Go Data can be stored locally before being downloaded via Wifi. This enables remote logging of large volumes of data.
OTA firmware upgrade Over-the-air software upgrade (OTA) capability Enable to add features or customise embedded alerts to the desired functionnality on installed devices, without physical access to the device. This saves on update and maintenance costs
Internal sensors Vibration detection, temperature, external power Enables to trigger wake-up based on movement, power, etc.
Accelerometer External Accelerometer is glued to the body of the component to be monitored.
Extension cards 40-pin Deutsch connector precabled with up to 3 internal extension card slots The Railnova extension cards system offers a wide choice of hardware specific mini-cards that connect to sub-components and sensors. See extension cards connectivity details for more information
EMC, vibration, humidity EN50155 Full compliance with railway standards
Fire & smoke NFF 16 101 Full compliance with railway standards
Enclosure IP 65 and shock resistant Screw or dual lock mounting
Operation temperature -40 ° C to + 70 °C Full compliance with railway standards according to class TX of EN50155
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