Railnova is granted R&D subsidies from Brussels Region for telematics development

On May 17th 2011, Railnova was awarded R&D subsidies by the Brussels Institute for Research and Innovation (“Innoviris”) for the development of its plug & play Railster™ telematics and powerful Railfleet™ web-application, based on OpenERP. The subsidy will cover the development and industrialization by Railnova of additional electronic modules for the Railster™  telematics product range as well as further enhancements to the Railfleet™ modules

The new telematics modules  will enable interfacing with additional locomotive sub-components (such as engine, gearbox, JRU from various manufacturers) in order to gather critical data relevant for both operation and maintenance with one unified system.

Further developments to the Railfleet software will provide end user benefits of the telematics data (rather than raw data) at the heart of the Railfleet application. For example, end users will be able trigger customized workflows for managing locomotive unavailability and technical problems, or set-up automated email alerts to end customers or maintenance workshop in case a train departs or arrives late, thereby saving time in the day-to-day monitoring.

Christian Sprauer, founder of Railnova, commented: “we are delighted to receive such support from  Innoviris, the very credible Brussels Institute for Research and Innovation. Innoviris conducted careful economic and technical due diligence on Railnova’s technology and gained a profound understanding of Railonva’s entrepreneurship approach in the railway sector. The support from Innoviris adds to the credibility of the Railnova business model , which is to provide, at no fixed costs for clients, affordable technology and supply chain services in the European Freight Railway Market.

Railnova’s unique value proposition in the Railway Market provides small and mid-size clients, or large operators with non-core fleets, the possibility to use a standard solution and to spend money on customisation of the solution to their specific needs. The cost of ownership of the solution is drastically reduced when compared with expensive, licence based systems, or complicated internal technology projects. Railnova bears all development cost for the software and telematics to provide a turn-key solution to its customers.

The Railfleet applications, based on the revolutionary OpenERP framework, is a powerful, scalable web application suite developed specifically for railway professionals by Railnova. Railfleet meets end user’s needs of functionality, process automation, user friendliness, and evolutivity.  The Railfleet application suite is can be used in standalone fashion or in combination with the Railster Telematics and our new mobile application. When used in combination with the telematics and mobile application, the data flows automatically from the locomotive and the drivers to the Railfleet users and managers.