Testing the Railster Telematics prototype

On May 17th, 2011, after just 6 month of development , the Railster telematics interface was tested for the first time and it worked out of the box.

Below Charles Henri and Christian quite happy after a very long day in the field.


The Railster Module provides power supply to the witrack and is able to read data from main components. All datas are transmitted to the server via the sophisticated Kerlink M2M Witrack Outdoor device.

The extension module for isolated Can bus could also be tested (see picutre below). The Railster is now able to read several busses, as well as 8 isolated Digitial I/Os and 8 Analog I/O.


The next steps are to industrialise the electronics and the extension cards, so we can provide customer with an off the shelve, flexible telematics solution.