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Newsletter December 2017: How to choose and implement a predictive maintenance platform

Railnova December update

I can't believe I'm already writing the last newsletter of 2017! I hope you had a wonderful and successful year, and that you'll enjoy the holidays with your friends and family! To end 2017 with a bang we have some great content for you in store:

Find out more about the start-up story of Railnova, and what it's like to grow a new business in Rail in the article Smartrail World wrote about us. Or, discover our Christian Sprauer's talk about Predictive Maintenance at Rolling Stock Maintenance 2017: it will show you what to look for in a predictive maintenance platform, and how to implement it in your organisation.

And last but not least, we're happy to share our freshly published whitepaper on Predictive Maintenance in Rail with you. The (free) whitepaper will guide you in evaluating available predictive maintenance platforms and choosing the one that best fits your needs.

That's a wrap! Enjoy our digital Christmas gift by clicking on the card below. The Railnova team and I wish you Happy Holidays, and the very best in 2018!

Kaat Van de Vijver
Marketing & Communications
Happy Holidays from Railnova
Interview: the inside story on how the startup Railnova is helping rail companies transform their fleet management and maintenance.

Growing a startup in rail is very different from growing one in a consumer-oriented sector. Creating products and services for rail and metro operators is far more complex due to the many regulations, the importance of safety and long held traditional practices in the sector. This article sheds some light on Railnova's startup journey and on how we're helping rail companies transform their fleet management and maintenance.

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London Rolling Stock Maintenance 2017: Christian Sprauer's presentation on predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance provides railway operators a way to schedule maintenance more conveniently, to prevent unexpected equipment failures, and to turn unplanned into planned stops (making workshop entries shorter and more efficient). But how do you select the predictive maintenance platform that best suits your business? Take a look at our presentation from the London Rolling Stock Maintenance 2017 Summit to find out!

View the presentation
Free whitepaper: how to choose and implement a predictive maintenance platform

This whitepaper will help you to evaluate available predictive maintenance platforms in the market based on 9 important characteristics. We also cover the impact of poor asset monitoring and late problem detection, help you decide whether it’s time for your company to switch to predictive maintenance, and how to implement a predictive maintenance platform in your organisation. The whitepaper comes with a handy checklist to help you evaluate platforms.

Download the whitepaper

Top stories

Winter is coming: guarantee fleet availability with smart battery alerts →
Winter is coming, and lucky for us we don’t need to worry about white walkers, but we do have to watch out for an increase in battery failures on locomotives due to the cold and severe weather conditions. Railnova helps operators to intervene before a battery failure happens, so they can avoid delays, cancellations and possible damage to the battery. Learn more about the available battery alerts on Railfleet and how to set them up:

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A day in the life of two Railnovians: from accessing data to acting on predictive alerts →
Since 2010, Railnova has been developing an end-to-end fleet management and diagnostics platform for railway fleets. But how exactly do people at Railnova spend their time? What better way to give you an insider view on what we do, than having two new members of the team share how they are contributing to the process of accessing data on trains and translating that data into actionable insights and predictive alerts?

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Railnova product updates

More reliable low fuel alerts →
In order to make the low fuel alerts more reliable we designed a new filtering algorithm that takes into account the fuel level fluctuations. When subscribed to the alert you will by default be notified when the fuel level of a locomotive drops below 30%, and when the level goes back above 30%. This threshold can be changed if you wish. Find out more

Update to refuel alerts →
The refuel alert has been updated and will notify you once the ongoing refuel is finished and tell you the exact time of the refuel and the amount of fuel added in the process. Learn how to set up the refuel alert

In-browser error reporting →
This one might not be visible to you on the Railfleet platform, but it's a very important one for us: whenever an error occurs on the client side in their browser, we'll now receive a notification with details about the error. This will allow us to understand what the error is about, how to fix it and it will help us to make Railfleet compatible with all devices and operating systems.

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