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Newsletter February 2018: CNBC interview with Railnova, delegate rights to other companies when sharing assets, automated refuel reports

Railnova January Newsletter

In January we were featured by the CNBC in their IoT Series on B2B Transportation, along with BMW. This was an amazing opportunity for us to show what we do and how our clients are able to avoid inline failures and/or react faster to them. We had a great time filming and hope you’ll enjoy watching it!

We went in production with a few new clients at the beginning of 2018 and based on their feedback, new features have popped up: companies are now able to plan maintenance interventions easier and faster on the maintenance planning page and, when sharing asset information with others, they can now delegate the right to set an asset back in service to another company on Railfleet, in line with ECM (Entity in Charge of Maintenance) regulation. Find out more about these features, and the other updates we published, in the January Release Notes.

As we finalise some features on diesel trains (and move our data science focus to electrical locomotives and passenger trains), we now have automated refuel reports that are using machine learning to detect the refuel quantity, the location and the time of refuels. These reports have been deployed to all our customers running diesel trains. Learn more about the refuel reports and the algorithms we use to separate real refuels from noise.

That’s it for now! Enjoy your week and see you for our next Newsletter!

Kaat Van de Vijver
Marketing & Communications
Railnova featured in CNBC’s IOT: Powering the digital economy

Railnova’s CEO Christian Sprauer was recently featured in CNBC’s IOT: Powering the digital economy documentary alongside the Head of Digital Innovation at BMW. The episode looks at how digital technology is shaking things up in the B2B ground transportation sector. Watch the full episode here.

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New on Railfleet: preventive maintenance scheduling, precise asset movement tracking, maintenance planning dashboard

We’ve been working hard the last couple of weeks to finish another update to Raifleet. These updates will enable you to follow up on your assets, asset availability and your maintenance workflow with more ease and precision.

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Updated refuel detection algorithm allows for more accurate refuel alerts

Fuel consumption and fuel supply are central aspects of diesel fleet management. Railnova enables operators to monitor fuel gauge signals to receive accurate refuel alerts and information about when and where a refuel happened, and how much fuel was supplied.

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Predictive maintenance
Interview: the inside story on how the startup Railnova is helping rail companies transform their fleet management and maintenance. →
Growing a startup in rail is very different from growing one in a consumer-oriented sector. Creating products and services for rail and metro operators is far more complex due to the many regulations, the importance of safety and long held traditional practices in the sector. This article sheds some light on Railnova's startup journey and on how we're helping rail companies transform their fleet management and maintenance.

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predictive maintenance whitepaper
Free whitepaper: how to choose and implement a predictive maintenance platform →
This whitepaper will help you to evaluate available predictive maintenance platforms in the market based on 9 important characteristics. We also cover the impact of poor asset monitoring and late problem detection, help you decide whether it’s time for your company to switch to predictive maintenance, and how to implement a predictive maintenance platform in your organisation. The whitepaper comes with a handy checklist to help you evaluate platforms.

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Railnova product updates

Preventive usage-based maintenance scheduler →
Thanks to the latest Raifleet update you can now define your preventive maintenance plan in the admin and the related events will be created with due dates computed from the associated counter values.

Maintenance Planning Dashboard →
To make setting up and planning maintenance interventions easier we created a maintenance-event-centric page that gathers all corrective and preventive events of your fleet.

Real time syncing of operational asset data →
Modifications you make on Railfleet will now appear on everyone’s Operational Dashboard with only a 0,5 to 2 second delay. This is possible thanks to a new real-time update mechanism using websocket technology.

More control over the given rights when sharing data →
You can now select which permissions a person you've shared assets with has, i.e. which information they can see and which actions they can take for the assets that are shared with them. Discover the current sharing options.

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