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Newsletter June 2017: Automatic detection of abnormal behaviour & streamlined maintenance communication

Railnova June update

With the sunny weather and summer vacation in sight, it’s time for our June newsletter update. Since our last update we released a bunch of new features, we've helped companies such as Lineas and Railpool with streamlining their communication for maintenance planning and fleet status management, and worked hard on boosting and further developing our automated alerts. Take a look at the articles below for more information about these exciting projects!

We wish you a great summer!

Kaat Van de Vijver
Marketing & Communications
Improving reliability of operations with smart alerts
Improve fleet availability with automatic detection of abnormal behaviour

An automated notification process is essential to prevent possible inline failures and to ensure better fleet availability. Take a look at these 4 smart alerts we believe are interesting to implement, in order to improve both the reliability and availability of your rolling stock.

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preventive maintenance planning
New on Railfleet: timezones and map filters

We’re proud to announce another bunch of brand new features on Railfleet. Two big ones are the possibility to manage the timezones in which the dates and hours are displayed on Railfleet, and the new filters on the map. Take a look at what's new in this month's product update blog and start exploring the new features on Railfleet.

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Streamline communication for maintenance planning
Multi-company fleet management: smoother communication & maintenance planning in rail

Clear communication is key to proactive, timely and well-planned maintenance of rolling stock. And even though it might not seem that much of an issue, we see that communication between operators and maintainers is often not as optimised as it could be. Railfleet helps railway organisations such as Lineas and Railpool to simplify and streamline that communication.

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Top stories

My first 2 weeks at Railnova: seeing railway from a different perspective →
Already after a few days I had to admit that the world at Railnova is a little different… Not only because I’m working remotely, but also because I’ve had to change my point of view from an operational railway view to a more strategic view. During my first 2 weeks I've seen a lot of things that I already touched in the past — but from a totally different perspective. I’m happy to share my experiences with you!

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Why rail operators don’t need 4G for remote monitoring— or at least not in the way they think they do →
There has been lots of buzz around 4G in the recent years and how to apply it for rail passengers WIFI, railway IoT and remote condition monitoring. Everyone wants remote monitoring systems to be future proof, but what is the best option for your next remote monitoring project? 3G? 4G? Or both?

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Railnova product updates

New filters on the Railfleet Map →
Easily filter assets on the Railfleet Map based on asset name, asset class, operational status, technical status, actions on the assets or the labels you or your Railfleet admin set up in the administration panel.

Manage your timezone on Railfleet →
Easily choose in which timezone you want the dates and times to be displayed on Railfleet. The default timezone is Europe/Brussels.

Track data loading →
A loader is displayed whenever your data is loading so you can easily see if the page you’re on has finished loading or not.

A faster and smoother Railfleet experience →
A lot has changed under the hood in order to provide you with a faster and smoother Railfleet experience.

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