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Newsletter May 2017: meet us at Transport Logistic Munich!


Last month the Railnova web team finalized the development of the new operational fleet dashboard view, where operators and maintainers can see real-time alerts, maintenance actions and schedule workshop interventions in just a few clicks. Lineas and Railpool were the first rail companies to validate maintenance actions and interventions - congratulations to them! Get a glimpse of the product updates at the bottom of this email.

We also made progress on various hardware safety cases to retrieve data safely from locomotives and passenger trains - meet us at Transport Logistic to find out which asset classes we support out-of-the-box with the Railster telematics device and how fast new interfaces can be deployed.

Finally, we are very happy to welcome Babette Müller-Reichenwallner, who joined our commercial team in Germany and is the first full remote employee of Railnova - read about Babette's first 2 weeks here.

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Kaat Van de Vijver
Marketing & Communications
My first two weeks at Railnova: seeing Railway from a different perspective

Already after a few days I had to admit that the world at Railnova is a little different… Not only because I’m working remotely, but also because I’ve had to change my point of view from an operational railway view to a more strategic view. During my first 2 weeks I've seen a lot of things that I already touched in the past — but from a totally different perspective. I’m happy to share my experiences with you!

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Why rail operators don’t need 4G for remote monitoring— or at least not in the way they think they do

There has been lots of buzz around 4G in the recent years and how to apply it for rail passengers WIFI, railway IoT and remote condition monitoring. Everyone wants remote monitoring systems to be future proof, but what is the best option for your next remote monitoring project? 3G? 4G? Or both?

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Connect your fleet and get performance alerts with Railnova. Meet us at Transport Logistic

If you think asset performance, fleet digitization and predictive alerts have become a reality, then we should meet. Join us in Munich at Transport Logistic from May 9 to May 11 to see how we help railway organisations improve their operations with real-time data and automated alerts.

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Does Railway asset data cause more problems than it solves? →
The more data you access, the more you know, and the more you have to act on that knowledge. But how do you enable the people within your organisation to act on data?

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Take the road to success: how to connect your railway fleet in the Industrial IoT era →
Despite its complexity, it is possible to reap the benefits of industrial IoT quickly and efficiently in Railway. Here are our best practices to extract value from your connected assets.

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Railnova product updates

Improved filtering on the operational dashboard →
Use filters to search for assets based on asset name, asset class, operational status, actions on the assets or the labels you or your Railfleet admin set up in the administration panel.

Add maintenance events to an intervention in progress →
Easily add new maintenance events or defects to an intervention that's already in progress.

View closed maintenance events and interventions →
The 20 last closed events and interventions are automatically shown below the open defects and interventions on the details page of each asset.

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