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Newsletter November 2016: Fleet management shouldn’t be hard

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Welcome to the first Railnova Newsletter! In this newsletter you'll find our latest updates, company news and blog articles, written by the Railnova team.

Now, what can you expect from our newsletters? We'll go far beyond the classic press releases: we strive to offer you high quality articles about what we think drives innovation in the Railway industry. We'll also offer you insight into how we work at Railnova and keep you informed about product updates. You'll only get this email once a month, but if you'd rather not receive this monthly update, please let me know by replying to this email.

Take a look at the three articles below to learn why we're excited for the London Rolling Stock Maintenance Summit, why POCs are the way to go for fleet telematics, and how to bridge the gap between asset data and maintenance management systems.

I hope you'll enjoy this newsletter (and the ones to come), and wish you all a wonderful December!

Kind regards,

Kaat Van de Vijver
Marketing & communications

Railnova at the Rolling Stock Maintenance Summit
1. Why we are thrilled to attend the London Rolling Stock Maintenance Summit on 7–8 December

Attending a railway event is always a careful decision for a small company like us, as it easily adds up to 10 000 Euros or more. However, attending the Rolling Stock Maintenance Summit is a no-brainer. Don't miss our CEO's talk on December 7 at 18.00 PM!
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Our vision on Proof of concepts
2. RFPs will get you nowhere, Proof of Concept (POC) is the way to go for fleet telematics

At Railnova, we haven’t seen any successful Request for proposals (RFPs) in the last 6 years. Instead, we are seeing the same issues over and over again with Telematics RFPs. That's why we prefer a proof of concept: for us a POC is as much proof that the solution works in your context as it is proof that your organisation is ready for change.
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Improve maintenance management efficiency
3. How to fill the gap between asset data and maintenance management systems?

Railway maintenance regimes are often based on the Manufacturer’s initial duty cycle assumptions. However, these tend to diverge rapidly from real life utilisation cycles. So why would you base your train fleet operations and maintenance on such unrealistic assumptions? Especially when you can measure the exact duty cycle of your train and components, in real-time and continuously?
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