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Newsletter November 2017: Guarantee fleet availability with smart battery alerts, meet Railnova at Rolling Stock Maintenance summit

Railnova November update

The days are slowly getting shorter and colder, bringing us closer to winter, severe weather conditions, and unfortunately also to a higher risk of issues with railway assets, such as battery failures. Luckily there are ways to prevent such failures. Take a look at the article we wrote about smart battery alerts below to find out how we help operators avoid delays and cancellations due to battery failures. Or, meet us at the London Rolling Stock Maintenance summit to learn more.

This month's newsletter also shows you our recipe to customer support success, and lets you in on what it's like to develop Railnova's fleet management and diagnostics platform from the hand of two new Railnovians.

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Kaat Van de Vijver
Marketing & Communications
Winter is coming: guarantee fleet availability with smart battery alerts

Winter is coming, and lucky for us we don’t need to worry about white walkers, but we do have to watch out for an increase in battery failures on locomotives due to the cold and severe weather conditions. Railnova helps operators to intervene before a battery failure happens, so they can avoid delays, cancellations and possible damage to the battery.

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A day in the life of two Railnovians: from accessing data to acting on predictive alerts

Since 2010, Railnova has been developing an end-to-end fleet management and diagnostics platform for railway fleets. But how exactly do people at Railnova spend their time? What better way to give you an insider view on what we do, than having two new members of the team share how they are contributing to the process of accessing data on trains and translating that data into actionable insights and predictive alerts?

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Our recipe for customer support success: what makes support at Railnova different?

I once read that the quality of a company can be measured by the place customer support has in its organisation. From the very beginning, it was clear to me that customer support is not just a cost center for Railnova. On the contrary, it is at the very center of their product development. At Railnova, we want to be close to our customers. Our customer support is personal and easy, and everyone in the company is involved.

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Top stories

CargoNet equips first locomotive with Railnova remote monitoring →
This summer we performed the first installation of our remote condition equipment for CargoNet in Norway as part of a test project. The goal of the test project is to see whether Railnova can help them to better interact with their drivers in case of problems, to be alerted about abnormal behavior on their assets and to plan their usage-based maintenance.

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How Europorte implemented their new maintenance workflow on Railfleet →
Although they already had a usage-based (km) maintenance plan in place, Europorte wanted to further optimise that plan and extend their large motor maintenance cycles. We checked in with Sylvain Cozette, the E4000 fleet manager from Europorte, to see how they managed their maintenance plan changes on Railfleet and what the implications of these changes were.

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Railnova product updates

Notifications available in four languages →
All notifications are now available in English, French, German and Dutch. The language you'll receive them in will depend on the language you selected on Railfleet.

Improvements to automatic alerts →
Various alerts, such as the battery alerts, have been further improved in order to avoid any false positives. The notification email you receive will also tell you where the asset in question is and whether it's inside a workshop or not.

Preventive maintenance scheduling →
Development to our preventive maintenance scheduler, which can already be tested on Railfleet, is getting close to completion: your feedback has helped us to eliminate certain bugs and to put the final touches to the main features. Once finished, the preventive maintenance plan will be applied automatically to an asset, from the moment that a maintenance plan is associated with the asset.

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