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Newsletter September 2017: Europorte extends maintenance periodicities by 16%, CargoNet tests Railnova remote condition monitoring, Railfleet updates

Railnova September update

Summer is nearly over and we hope that your business is accelerating as it is at Railnova!

In this September newsletter we want to share with you how Europorte extended maintenance periodicities by 16% as ECM of their E4000 locomotives and how they are using Railfleet to manage the new maintenance plan. You can also read about CargoNet testing our remote monitoring system in Norway.

And last but not least, did you know that you can manage your entire predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance workflow on Railfleet? Take a look at the latest Railfleet software updates to see how we're continuously improving your maintenance workflow!

I’d love to hear your feedback about any of the stories in this newsletter, or about your maintenance workflow. Reply to this email or email me at kaat.vandevijver@railnova.eu to get in touch!

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Kaat Van de Vijver
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Improving reliability of operations with smart alerts
Behind the scenes: how Europorte extended maintenance periodicities by 16% using Railfleet

Although they already had a usage-based (km) maintenance plan in place, Europorte wanted to further optimise that plan and extend their large motor maintenance cycles. We checked in with Sylvain Cozette, the E4000 fleet manager from Europorte, to see how they managed their maintenance plan changes on Railfleet and what the implications of these changes were.

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preventive maintenance planning
New on Railfleet: preventive maintenance, intervention dashboard and more

In July we launched yet another set of updates and features on Railfleet: we released an Intervention Dashboard, for all your interventions (planned and in progress), enabled inline document management for events and most importantly, we introduced a test version of counter-based Preventive Maintenance on Railfleet. Learn more here.

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Proof of concept CargoNet Railnova
CargoNet equips first locomotive with Railnova remote monitoring

Earlier this summer we performed the first installation of our remote condition equipment for CargoNet in Norway as part of a test project. The goal of the test project is to see whether Railnova can help them to better interact with their drivers in case of problems, to be alerted about abnormal behavior on their assets and to plan their usage-based maintenance.

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Top stories

Improve fleet availability with automatic detection of abnormal behaviour →
An automated notification process is essential to prevent possible inline failures and to ensure better fleet availability. Take a look at these 4 smart alerts we believe are interesting to implement, in order to improve both the reliability and availability of your rolling stock.

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Multi-company fleet management: smoother communication & maintenance planning in rail →
Clear communication is key to proactive, timely and well-planned maintenance of rolling stock. And even though it might not seem that much of an issue, we see that communication between operators and maintainers is often not as optimised as it could be.

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Railnova product updates

Admin available in 4 languages →
The Railfleet admin is now available in 4 languages: English, French, German and Dutch.

Timezone handling in notification emails →
The timezone used in the notification emails you receive from Railnova about your assets are now in the same timezone as the one you selected for your Railfleet account.

Intervention (beta) Dashboard →
The new Intervention Dashboard gives you a complete overview of all the interventions (planned and in progress) for you rentire fleet.

Inline document management →
Easily add and view documents directly in the intervention view and in the event list of an asset

Preventive maintenance, test version →
This test version already allows you to start entering component counters in the Railfleet admin and create preventive events on the Operational Beta Dashboard.

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