Remotely access data from railway assets

Remotely access railway data

The Railster is probably the most flexible and advanced railway specific telematics and GPS platform. Its embedded software is upgradable over the air. Its internal rechargeable battery guarantees continuous performance. Its extensive connectivity allows remote monitoring of any subcomponent. Its powerful ARM9 processor performs local data analysis to optimise sim card cost.


Perform real-time predictive diagnostics

Real-time diagnostics and predictive maintenance

Improve the availability and reliability of your fleet by automating the process of notifying your team about abnormal behaviour on your assets. Enable your team to act on asset data by setting up predictive rules and alerts: avoid issues due to low battery voltage, high coolant temperature, low fuel levels, … with smart alerts and live diagnostics on one central, multi-asset platform.


Digitise fleet management actions

Digitise fleet management

Railfleet makes the best of both GPS and telematics data, and goes beyond. Follow assets on the interactive map. Receive automatic alerts. Drill historical records and report on asset utilisation. Use the maintenance planner with live engine hours, kilometres or days of utilisation. Go beyond and automate reporting of works done, ECM management, warranty and contract management.


Railnova’s step-by-step approach to connectivity

Step 1: we build the interface to your rolling stock data

We provide interfaces to all asset types and components, and many of these interfaces are available off-the-shelf (such as interfaces to DCPU, SIBAS, MVB, ERTMS, batteries, doors, CAT and EMD engines, fuel sensors), so you can start gathering data right away. Wether you’re using assets made by Alstom, Bombardier, Siemens, Vossloh, or any other manufacturer, we’re able to offer you a full view of your fleet. New interfaces can be built according to your needs.

Railster installed on a train transmitting data in real time to the cloud

Step 2: we configure the most capable Railway certified on-board computer

The Railster is a powerful on-board computer that has unrivalled connectivity with: MVB, Profibus, CAN, J1708, J1939, RS232, RS485, Analog and digital I/O. The Railster is not only able to connect to these busses and components, it’s also able to run a complex rule engine and allows you to add new rules and parameters when needed. The Railster is therefore not just a box, but a powerful and railway certified on-board computer that’s able to support you in your predictive maintenance efforts.

Step 3: you retrofit your rolling stock with the Railster and start gathering data

The Railster is very easy to install and doesn’t take more than 3-4 hours: we provide you with an “IKEA-style” cabling kit and a detailed procedure for an easy, fast and done-right-the-first-time installation. Once installed the Railster reads data only in a passive way: the device is equipped with a safety case for non-significant modification.

Step 4: you access the retrieved data on Railfleet or another platform of your choice

Once our onboard computer is installed you can start accessing the data on the platform of your choice: you can send the data to your big data analytics systems, BI platforms or ERP and MMS systems. And, you can access the data from your entire fleet on Railfleet, where you can use the insights from your data scientists to set up new alerts for predictive maintenance, avoid unplanned failures and manage your maintenance planning.

Step 5: you manage your digitised fleet on Railfleet and automate communication with partners

On Railfleet you can digitise “Defect reports” from drivers to notify fleet managers in real-time: drivers use the web-app on their tablet or smartphone to document and report on defects. The platform enables fleet managers to manage fleet availability in real-time, and to communicate with partners through dashboards and notifications. Users can easily turn alerts into actions which can then be dispatched to teams and maintainers.

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Why choose us

  • We are a railway pure-play with a strong track record in the industry.
  • No integration work is required. Hardware and software work together as one.
  • We have developed probably the best telematics platform combined with powerful software.
  • Our platform meets your current requirements and is able to grow as you discover new needs.
  • Our platform is compatible with all your locomotives and sub-components. Manage your entire fleet from the same software platform.
  • We can interface our platform with your legacy systems for seamless integration.

What clients say

We opted for a system that provides more functionalities, that enabled us to couple together our operating and maintenance needs. We have also undertaken an optimisation programme with regards to how the maintenance is organised. It aims at improving the usage and availability of the locomotives.
We have undertaken an optimisation programme with regards to how the maintenance is organised, with the aim to improve the usage rate and availability of the locomotives.
Geolocation means we can compare the real traffic to planned traffic, and so improve the quality and reliability of the information we send to our clients

Our happy clients

Our happy clients

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