Railway fleet management
through telematics

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Best-in-class GPS telematics

Best-in-class GPS telematics

Our full-featured telematics rivals with those of the major train manufacturers, only in a nice and small blue box. We are the only solution on the market with best-in-class GPS, plug & play telematics and powerful user software that works out of the box.

Plug & play hardware

Plug & play hardware

We have designed our telematics for easy installation on major locomotive types, passenger trains and sub-components types. We are independent from engine or rolling stock manufacturers, to provide a truly multi-manufacturer solution for your entire fleet

Railnova End-to-end railway fleet management solution

End-to-end solution

We make our own hardware and software. We guarantee customer’s experience as we control the whole chain, from the fuel level in the locomotive tank to the report that is emailed automatically to the CEO every monday morning.

Fully featured user software

Fully featured user software

Our software is fully web-based, user-friendly, and multilingual. Telematic data and user data flows in the system and is used to manage all fleet related processes, such asset dispatching, condition monitoring, counter based maintenance management and fleet contract management.

Railnova offers a Modular and evolutive fleet management solution

Modular & evolutive

Start with GPS for monitoring your operations, then move on to telematics to uncover per route fuel consumption or fault code automatic download.
Or start with maintenance management software alone, then automate fleet data with telematics and remote condition monitoring.

Disruptive innovation in railway

Disruptive innovation

We deliver customers cutting edge, ready to deploy technology at a fraction of the price proposed by blue chip companies.
All our software functionalities and telematics features are developed for the return on investment they will yield to our clients.

The most powerful railway IoT and fleet management tools

Enhance your rail operations with easy to deploy rail fleet management software and hardware telematics

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