Karin vander Have joins Railnova’s Executive Team to lead our Professional Services growth

Post by Christian Sprauer, Railnova CEO
March 31, 2022

I am proud to announce that Karin vander Have is the third female to join Railnova’s executive team as Professional Services Lead, alongside Babette (CRO), Charles-Henri (Hardware Lead), Christian (CEO), Christophe (Supply Chain Lead), Diane (CHRO), Jérémie (Software Lead), Philippe (CFO), and Xavier (Business Development Lead), contributing to all strategic decisions and leading business execution.

Railnova Executive team

Railnova’s executive team is now complete and ready to shape the future of Rail!

Our customers praise Karin and her team for their deep understanding of how software can help them operate their businesses better. In her role as Customer Success Manager, Karin has acquired significant transversal knowledge about Railnova’s solutions and our customer adoption challenges. She has been recognized internally and by our customers for her transformative work.

In her time at Railnova, Karin has redefined Customer Success for the Railway industry.

In 2016, Karin 1.0 came on board as Customer Success Representative and worked side by side with the programmers to streamline our customer support efforts. The “fix-it-first, argue later principles” were born, and Karin communicated about it in a 2017 blog post that you can read here: https://www.railnova.eu/our-recipe-for-customer-support-success-what-makes-support-at-railnova-different-from-other-companies-in-railway/.

In 2018, Karin 2.0 moved from reactive support to proactive onboarding, focusing on initiating the internal change necessary for our customers to kick-start their transformation. Karin’s team grew to 3 full-time Customer Support Managers, covering 12 countries, 7000 users, and seven languages. Over time, Karin has won the admiration of our colleagues for her capacity to drive technology adoption at complex railway organizations.

The evolution of our customer professional services

In 2022, we want to double down on our Customer First principle and help our customers through their digital transformation journey. It became increasingly apparent that promoting Karin was not just the logical choice but the best choice we could make to accelerate the technology adoption in our industry.

Karin 3.0 will lead a newly formed Professional Services Team, and her promotion marks a new milestone as we are bringing all implementation forces together: 

  • The Railster IoT Engineering Team configures the Railster with embedded edge algorithms, python apps, FPGA codecs to ensure data capturing on railway sub-components.
  • The Train Electrical Integration Team performs the safety analysis and electrical design that allows our customers to install the devices during routine maintenance.
  • The Customer Success Team onboards our customers, helps them create diagnostic rules and transforms their maintenance workflows.
  • The Data Science Team, working on customer data, detects failure patterns and crafts new alerts and diagnostic reports rules based on PCA, machine learning, and expert rules.  

Please join me in celebrating Karin’s inclusion in our executive team. I am incredibly excited for Karin to reach the next level in her career and for our customers to rely on such an amazing talent pool for their implementations. Railnova wouldn’t be where we are without Karin.

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