New on Railnova: Railgenius, real-time monitoring and predictive diagnostics platform

Post by Kaat Van de Vijver, Digital Marketing Manager at Railnova
March 20, 2020

Our clients often have very different use cases they want to tackle: from accessing data from their trains in real time and streaming it to their cloud systems, to digitalising their ECM3 fleet and maintenance management workflows, or performing real-time component monitoring and analytics to eradicate failures. 

To cater to those different needs, and especially the last one, we’re introducing a new product called Railgenius.

Railgenius, from big data to actionable alerts and diagnostics

Railgenius predictive diagnostics and real-time data monitoringRailgenius is our real-time monitoring and predictive diagnostics platform that helps clients to detect, analyse and confirm anomalies with the help of machine learning.

Railgenius allows engineers to crystallize their experience into automatic detection rules that they can deploy without the need for programmers with the help of a rule configurator. Data experts on the other hand, have full access to train data, alerts and fault codes for automatic scenario detection and predictive diagnostics. As a result they enable their hotline to offer live support to drivers in complex diagnostics situations.

Railgenius can be used for a wide range of use cases such as battery monitoring, door monitoring, ERTMS monitoring, fault code monitoring, fuel and energy consumption monitoring, automatic failure detection, predictive alerts, helpdesk and driver support, …

Features of Railgenius include:

  • Live monitoring: real-time and configurable, scada-like overview of all relevant telematics parameters from all your assets to help you spot abnormal values.
  • Rule configurator: rule engine configurator to turn internal knowledge into rules that trigger alerts based on real-time telematic parameters. The rule engine also includes a replay function to run a rule against past data to iterate on new rules or to validate them.
  • Rule alerts: filtered and meaningful alerts from the rule engine per asset to support your drivers with actionable information and dispatch them by email, web alerts or reports.
  • GPS history: map that enables you to track the routes your assets traveled in the past.
  • Data inspector: comprehensive graphs that allow you to easily spot and verify abnormalities in your data.
  • Telematics data: detailed real-time and historical telematics data dashboard for all fleet data.
  • Reporting: recurring reporting that allows you to study usage patterns, fault code occurrences and more.

Discover Railgenius >

A new modular product approach

The introduction of Railgenius is the perfect occasion to reorganise our software platform and make it mirror our product portfolio.

Our three products and their features are now clearly distinguished on the platform:

  • Railster: device management
  • Railgenius: from data to actionable insights
  • Railfleet: real-time fleet management

New menu on Railnova software platform

Each product can be used independently from the others, but can also be easily combined with the other Railnova products, or existing (external) infrastructures and systems. The modules perfectly fit in our clients’ already existing app landscape and can be integrated with their IT environment via our open data APIs.

With this modular product suite clients can pick and choose exactly what they need from Railnova, and build the perfect solution for their identified use cases more easily.

It also allows us to better serve our market and to enable our clients not to lose focus: they only get to see the products they need to address their specific use cases. Clients are able to easily expand to new use cases with Railnova, without having to redesign everything or having to build a custom solution from scratch.

Did you know…
We also reorganised our team into 3 product teams (currently all working from home) with 3 product managers, so we can accelerate the development of each product.

If you want more information about the different Railnova products and their features, head over to the corresponding pages below, or get in touch with us!

Railster installed on a train transmitting data in real time to the cloud


Access data from any rolling stock data source

Discover Railster >

Railgenius predictive diagnostics and real-time data monitoring


Analyse data and make it actionable

Discover Railgenius > 

Railfleet helps with ECM maintenance management and planning


Digitalise fleet and maintenance management

Discover Railfleet >

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