Railfleet product update: Digital logbook update and auto-translation

Post by Florian Louvet, Railfleet Product Manager at Railnova
May 03, 2021


Today, we released two juicy new features as well as some minor visual improvements.

Digital Logbook – Small visual improvements

We implemented a few visual improvements in our digital logbook:

  • Enhanced visibility of restrictions
  • Better tablet and mobile phone support for the corrective event table
  • Higher emphasis on the operational status

Digital Logbook – Hotline number

You can now configure a hotline phone number to display per asset on the digital logbook. To do so, head to the administration panel if you are a Railnova administrator for your company: https://one.railnova.eu/admin/. If you do not have the rights to do so, please contact one of your company’s Railnova administrators, or contact us at support@railnova.eu or via the “Contact us” chat on the platform.


We have added an auto-translate feature to our Railfleet platform for all our customers working in multiple languages. You can see it in action in:

  • corrective event descriptions
  • restriction descriptions

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Florian Louvet

Railfleet – Product Manager

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