Railnova product update: Data Export and Component Management

Post by Pierre Gérard, Product Manager and Data Scientist at Railnova
and by Florian Louvet, Product Manager
June 22, 2022

As we hit the mid-year mark, we are happy to announce some additions to our Railfleet and Railgenius products. Read on to learn more!


To help our client’s data analysts we are releasing the (big) Data Export. You can now make ad-hoc export of your data up to 5GB of data. The Data Export leverages our Snowflake data warehouse and is available for Railgenius Enterprise Customers.

If you are a Railgenius Enterprise Customer, visit directly: https://my.railnova.eu/data_export/.

Railnova's new update on (big) data extraction

On this page, you can select a time range with multiple assets and with multiple message types to create an export request. Two export formats are available: CSV and JSON.

In the case of nested data, the CSV file will be flattened, while the JSON will be nested. The JSON file is the same as the one received via the generic KAFKA interface. You can read more about that here: https://bit.ly/rt-kafka

Once submitted, you will receive a confirmation email and a download link to the export should arrive in your mailbox in less than 24 hours. As we are using a Snowflake data warehouse to make such exports, the queries run only once a day during the night.

Please be aware that the link will expire after 3 downloads. A history of the exports is also available on the web interface.

Important note: due to data volumes, the data export is not a meant as a continuous and complete data integration tool, and thus the volume of export is limited to serve the ad-hoc data-science needs of our customers

In order to achieve continuous data integration, we offer either:

If you would like one of those 2 options enabled, please contact our sales team via email at sales@railnova.eu

Contact our team today!


You may have read in our April release note that we were actively working on the component maintenance tracking, and we are happy to announce that Railfleet Components for ECM 2, 3, and 4 are finally there! 

The Railfleet component module features asset component serialisation, tracking, swaps, repairs and full integration with our preventive maintenance scheduling module. All data is exposed to our API to be integrated with your favourite ERP or CMMS. And with the Railgenius integration, telematics data can be directly incremented on component counters to automate maintenance planning.

We hope that the component module will facilitate the lives of fleet managers and maintenance managers who are managing shared fleets in a multi-company context.

In a few words, here is what the component management enables:

  • Track counters on each component of your asset (e.g. track separately kilometres for each wheel of your asset, or cycles for each compressor, or hours under-voltage for each pantograph)
  • Create maintenance plans based on your asset’s component composition (e.g. scheduling reprofiling of wheels based on each wheel’s predictive usage, engine health indicator,..)
  • Keep track of component maintenance history (e.g. being able to consult easily every maintenance made on an engine, even if it was mounted on a different asset previously or if the component is currently unmounted)
  • Achieve traceability of serialized components with a flexible inventory system (you know directly what component was on which asset at any point in time)

New release Railfleet component management feature

The module is available as an add-on functionality to existing Railfleet Enterprise Customers.

As component management entails the migrating of complex data, our team of technical consultants is also available to help you with the migration and implementation of an ECM-compliant process for components. 

If you are interested in enabling component management, or just want to know more, please contact our team via email at sales@railnova.eu. 

Contact our team today!

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