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Post by Pierre Gérard, Product Manager and Data Scientist at Railnova
January 22, 2023

Password security is important to us at Railnova. Because the last week of January is all about data safety and online security, we wanted to revisit our latest log-in feature.

If you have used our platform since the end of last year, you might have noticed some new designs when logging in. We decided to spruce up the appearance of the authentication pages. But rest assured, you can still connect as you normally do.

A screenshot of our new log-in and password feature. It shows the three steps of creating a password and the new feature that visually helps, through colors, to show how strong or how weak your password is.

Railnova platform login

In addition to the refreshed look of our login pages, we have also increased the security of our customers’ accounts. We require that all users create passwords that meet a higher standard of safety. When registering a new account, we will provide you with tips and advice on how to choose more secure passwords.

However, if you prefer to manage Railnova access through your organisation’s SSO (Single Sign-on), we have good news! We already have experience integrating SSO for our customers, just reach out and contact us via chat on the Railnova platform or via email directly at:

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