Railnova product update: multi-symbol graphs on the Data Inspector

Post by Pierre Gérard, Product Manager and Data Scientist at Railnova
January 7, 2021

The Data Inspector is the Railgenius module that visualises the data coming from your rolling stock on comprehensive graphs. Up until now you were only able to display one parameter per graph, which is already helpful to spot irregularities or verify the anomalies that are identified by your automated alerts.

Now, thanks to our latest update of the Data Inspector, you can also choose to display multiple related symbols on the same graph, to make it easier to compare those symbols and to spot irregularities even faster.

Can’t wait to start using the new Data Inspector feature? Get in touch with our team for a demo or test it right away on the Railnova platform!

Are components working as they should?

If you’re for example monitoring multiple engines on the same train you can now group relevant engine parameters on one single graph and monitor the behaviour of the signal to make sure all engines are working in unison. Engine shutdowns can rapidly be detected and visualised this way.

multi-symbol graphs on the Data Inspector for more efficient anomaly spotting

You can group symbols from other components too on a graph, to make sure that the corresponding components are working together as they should. This makes it easier to for example detect irregularities with train doors, HVAC issues or defective turbos.

How the new Data Inspector feature works

Users can group symbols with just a couple of clicks: they’ll first need to select which symbols they wish to display using the filters on the left hand side. Next, they click on the “Group symbols” button in the top right corner and select the symbols they wish to group using the checkboxes on the right hand side of each graph.

There are currently no restrictions on the groups: users can group different message types on a graph, depending on what they want to analyse or compare.

They can also create and display multiple multi-symbol graphs on the Data Inspector. For our example with the 5 engines this could mean that users display a multi-symbol graph that visualises the engine speed, one that shows the fuel consumption of the 5 engines, another with the coolant temperature and/or pressure etc.

Want to see the new grouping feature in action on the Data Inspector? Get in touch with our team for a live demo, or, if you already have a Railnova account, give it a go on the platform right away!

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