Railnova product update: new Hotline module to register and track hotline calls online

Post by Florian Louvet, Professional Services Software at Railnova
January 22, 2020

We’re happy to introduce a new module in Railfleet (our digital fleet maintenance management solution)! The Hotline module is designed to register hotline calls online and to transform these calls into corrective events.

The module enables clients to fully integrate the handling of hotline calls (from their different clients and/or partners) into their existing corrective maintenance workflow on Railfleet. The module thereby enables them to further streamline and centralise their corrective maintenance communication with internal and external partners on one single platform.

Through the visualisation of hotline calls clients are now able to better understand what happened with their assets and what decisions have been taken to solve the reported issue(s). This way no information or internal knowledge gets lost in between different systems.

Can’t wait to start using the new Hotline module? Get in touch with our team for a demo or to set up the module for your company!

Let’s have a look at what you can do with the new hotline module!

1. A complete overview of all hotline calls

The Hotline Dashboard provides you with a complete list of all hotline calls for your fleet. You can use the filters to see how many calls came in per asset and to follow up on which calls have been treated and which ones haven’t. On the dashboard you’ll also see which calls have already been linked to a corrective event.

2. Reporting a new hotline call

Besides filtering calls and viewing call details, you can of course also register a new hotline call on the dashboard. All you need to do is fill out a new hotline form. The hotline call form contains general info about the asset, the caller and the hotline employee. On top of that you can also add more detailed information about the reported problem, the cause of the issue, and the proposed solutions. This way no information gets lost.

3. Transforming a hotline call into a corrective event

The Hotline module can be fully integrated within your existing corrective maintenance workflow on Railfleet. You transform a hotline call into a corrective event and schedule an intervention in just a couple of clicks.

You can combine one or more hotline calls available for the asset in question when creating the new corrective event. Afterwards you fill out the remaining corrective event details like you would for a regular defect report.

4. Linking a call to an existing corrective event

You’re also able to link hotline calls to an existing corrective event. All you need to do is go to the event in question and add a new hotline call to the event form. Easy as cake!

5. Receiving hotline call notifications

The following notifications are available for the Hotline Module:

  • New hotline call: notify your colleagues when a new hotline call is registered
  • Daily/weekly report: receive a daily or weekly report of all hotline calls for your fleet

These notifications are easily set up in the Railnova admin. (Not an admin yourself? Get in touch with one of your company admins to have them set up the relevant notifications for you.)

Excited to start using the Hotline module? Contact our team for more information and/or a demo!

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