Railnova product update: new Railfleet look

Post by Karin vander Have, Customer Success Manager at Railnova,
April 26, 2021

Our Railfleet product has undergone a make-over!

We have just deployed an important update of the look of existing forms of our Railfleet product. Here is the list of forms that have changed:

  • Corrective maintenance (defects) creation and detail (view). Impacted pages: operational dashboard and driver logbook or standalone form for drivers.
  • Preventive maintenance events creation and detail (view) on the operational dashboard and maintenance planning pages.
  • Intervention creation and detail (view) on the operational dashboard and intervention pages.
  • Restriction creation and list (view) on the operational dashboard.
  • Operational status creation and list on the operational dashboard.

These changes are motivated by the need to both refresh the visual structure of these forms with the growing complexity they have gained over the past years as well as provide better visuals for tablets and smartphones.

Discover Railfleet’s new look right away on our platform https://me.railnova.eu. Below are a few print screens of the new visuals:

Best regards,
Karin and The Railnova Team

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