Railnova product update: view NFS, CAT, and other diagnostic downloads in the new Diagnostic Reports module

Post by Pierre Gérard, Product Manager and Data Scientist at Railnova
January 14, 2021

Getting diagnostic downloads from components such as the engine Electronic Control Module, used to be expensive and time-consuming. Diagnostic PCs and their (renewable) licenses come at a high price and always require someone to go on the train in question to download the data. On top of that manufacturers are able to restrict which license version you can get, meaning that you might not be able to get the exact data you need yourself. Because of the high price, there’s also often only one PC per component available in a workshop, so only one person can use it at a time.

Not a very efficient process if you ask us!

Meet the new digital “Diagnostic reports” on Railgenius

The Railster already accessed the data displayed in such a diagnostic download for different components but we didn’t show it as such yet on our software platform. The next logical step was therefore to gather all that data in a comprehensive and digital report. These online Diagnostic reports are downloadable and accessible (by multiple people at once) at any time on Railgenius, removing the need of going on the train with one or more diagnostic PCs entirely!

The Diagnostic reports give you remote access to the diagnostic download data, in a familiar format: this makes it easy to digest by the technicians who are used to work with these files.

With the new feature you can for example view and download the CAT ECM download, or the NFS-Daten download (other downloads are available on request):

Want to consult one of these downloads for your own fleet, or a diagnostic download from another component? Get in touch with our team, we’re happy to help!

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