Alvaro José Zevallos Román, independent digital transformation expert, joins partner program of Railnova

Post by Christian Sprauer, Founder and CEO at Railnova
January 22, 2020

After creating the Railnova Partner Program, we’re excited to announce that Alvaro José Zevallos Román is becoming an independent Railnova Partner.

Who is Alvaro Zevallos?

Alvaro Zevallos is an acclaimed expert in the railway sector and is passionate about helping railway companies to reach their digital transformation business goals. He is originally from Ecuador but moved to Spain when he was 17. The last 12 years, Alvaro worked for NEM Solutions as Business Development Lead and as advisor of key railway players located on the 5 continents.

Alvaro now works as an independent digital transformation consultant, leading a network of specialist partners with demonstrated results in the industry, to facilitate the cooperation between railway companies and the right talent during their transformation journey. All of this, following the principles of “Open Data and Open Insights” as levers to make digital investments profitable, while contributing to the continuous improvement of the railway industry.

What is Alvaro’s expertise?

Thanks to his passion for technology and business, Alvaro has developed extensive railway expertise and has become an expert in transforming railway IoT, Data Analytics and Digital Transformation investments into profitable, recurrent and scalable businesses through innovative business models, a differentiated customer experience and agile processes.

He is able to accompany Railnova clients in their journey towards digitalising their fleet and maintenance workflows. He guides them through the process of

  • Context, maturity and KPI evaluation,
  • Opportunity identification,
  • Business case definition and
  • The implementation of the Railnova suite into their current workflows.

Alvaro provides direct consulting services to railway companies to accompany them in their change process and to help them to implement Railnova’s digital products for data acquisition, data transformation and digital end-user workflows.

Alvaro’s vision on digitalisation, and the use of data in rail

Alvaro is very active in the main railway forums worldwide, participating as a speaker and sharing his vision about Digitalisation, Predictive Maintenance, Innovative Business models, and more:

“For me Digitalisation is a lever for business competitiveness, it is not the end goal. In order to overcome the digital challenge, companies must transform their complete value chain offering the best possible customer experience, while being agile enough to react on time and of course, by continuously innovating their business model. To make this possible, data is essential.”

For this reason, Alvaro also is a strong supporter of the open data principle (vs. blackbox data):
“The OPEN Data and OPEN insights principle is, in my opinion, the only way to make our industry significantly improve in this digital age by generating value coopetition through customer-centred ecosystems, instead of close/isolated/traditional competition/barriers.”

As his vision on digitalisation and open data is very close to ours, it’s only natural that Alvaro became a Railnova partner!

How can you reach Alvaro?

Want to work with Alvaro on your digital projects? Send him a message to let him know what your challenges are! You can reach out to Alvaro via his Linkedin profile.

Want to learn more about our partner program? Get in touch with us here, or have a look at the following article: Railnova launches Partner network to digitalise Railway organisations globally

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