Theta International joins partner program of Railnova

Post by Kaat Van de Vijver, Digital Marketing Manager at Railnova
February 18, 2020

Who is Theta International?

Theta International is an Australian consulting firm founded in 1994. As a trusted advisor to transportation and oil & gas companies, the family-owned business specialises in supplying innovative solutions to reduce cost of maintenance and operation.

Michael Walsh Railnova partner Theta International Ben Walsh Railnova partner Theta International

Both Michael Walsh (Managing Director) and Ben Walsh (Information Technology Manager) have broad railway knowledge and are passionate about turning business data into valuable and actionable insights. Their engineering background and business experience make them the partner of choice for Railnova.

What can Australian and New Zealand railway undertakings get out of this partnership?

Theta International is Railnova’s relay for Australian and New Zealand railway undertakings who are ready to adopt Railnova’s proven remote condition monitoring and predictive maintenance solutions for locomotives, trains, tramways and metros.

From business case building to proof of concept, from roll-out to transformation, Theta International is trusted to bring the digitalisation of railway undertakings to a full success.

With the local support and experience from Theta International, Australian and New Zealand railway undertakings can be confident in the success of their digitalisation projects.

How can you reach Theta International?

Want to work with Theta International on your projects? Send them a message to let them know what your challenges are:

Want to learn more about our partner program? Get in touch with us here, or have a look at the following article: Railnova launches Partner network to digitalise Railway organisations globally

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